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Radmin VPN is a free program without any limits for virtual private networks creation. With the help of Radmin VPN user can not only connect to the existing protected networks (known to the user) but also create his own VPNs, remotely connect to other computers and provide third parties with secure access to his own data.

The program uses active computer internet connection for its work. Connection to the networks that were created by Radmin VPN is made using the special channels – VPN tunnels that allow the network users to interact between each other. Along with that, everything looks like the VPN users are connected by the means of a switchboard.

Besides the basic protection that is provided by the automatic VPN protocols, each of the Radmin private networks involves a special user password that is necessary to pass the authorization procedure. Even more, because the networks names are hidden, all attempts to connect to their resources will fail without knowing the exact names.

The main advantages of the program are security, consistency and simplicity. The first characteristic finds use in cooperation of people who work from different parts of the world as a whole structure without thinking about possible hacker attacks. In this case, connection to a private network may contain extra services like, for example, local mail, file sharing service or backup storage. Talks about the VPN consistency mostly relates to the game world where players of clans and teams are required to have low ping rates and timely reaction to constantly changing conditions.

Radmin VPN is very simple in use and doesn’t have any unnecessary preferences that can confuse the user. Creation and connection to networks is made by only a couple of mouse clicks. The main window is compact and its design resembles other similar VPN services.


  • Free of charge.
  • User-friendly interface.
  • Capable of quick creation and connection to the known VPNs.
  • Data protection using the VPN protocols.
  • Capable of connections via Proxy.


Radmin VPN is a simple tool for quick creation of virtual private networks that will suit for gamers as well as for outsource companies.

Changes in recent version

Author: Radmin
Price: Free
Windows: 7, 8, 10

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