Raidcall 7.3.4:

- Fixed Bugs.

Raidcall 7.3.2:

- Fixed Bugs.

Raidcall 7.3.0:

- New flowers plugin.
- Fixed Facebook connection.
- Improved registration process.
- Fixed and improved Overlay.
- Optimize certain functions and fixed some bugs.

Raidcall 7.1.0:

- RaidCall 7.1.0 has been upgraded and improved.

Raidcall 7.0.2:

New Features:
- Themes feature.
- Report option.
- Buttons in the group for applications, including Announcement, Members Chat, Poll and Activity Log.
- Option to remove the most recent groups.
- Like' option in group.
- Users can now check 'My Memberships' via user profile.
- Users can now add Live Video URL to announcement.
- Users can now connect to Facebook via RaidCall.
Improvement logs:
- User interface and icons.
- RaidCall program layout.
- Apply For Recommended feature.
- RaidCall program menu options.
- Members icon in group.
- Options for managing members in group.
- Channel broadcast.
- IM window interface.
- Group/Channel announcements.
- Options for managing the group.
- Sound alerts.
- Chat logs feature.
- Voice sensitivity bar of Free-Talk Mode setting.

Raidcall 6.3.0:

- Echo cancellation feature.
- Message history feature.
- Added High Quality in channels using Queued Mode.
- Option to prohibit queuing, and added "Add to Queue" on Queued Mode.
- Option to quickly check all online Mods/Admins in the group you're in.
- Option to disable all text in a channel.
- Option to delete account history on sign in window.
- Added record audio feature.
- Members now have identity icons beside their nicknames in text chat.
- Fixed bugs.

Raidcall 6.1.0:

- Fixed Bugs.

Raidcall 6.0.8:

- Completely customizable UI and new icons.
- Added member list for group.
- Advanced voice group admin.
- Added hardware processing for music mode.
- Option to batch move users to my channel.
- Added text chat waiting time for guests.
- Option to create category for contact list.
- Option to reject all nudges.
- Bug Fixes.

Raidcall 5.2.8:

- Added notice for Channel Broadcast.
- Option to add users to black list manually.
- Option to add admins manually.
- Added layer window for announcement.
- Totally revamped registration wizard.
- Voice level volume has increased slightly.
- Added support for new channel modes.
- Added level system as well as its icon for your level.
- Fixed bugs.

Raidcall 5.1.8:

- Fixed RaidCall login port problem.