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Reg Organizer is a multifunctional software which provides a comprehensive Microsoft Windows maintenance. The software not only allows you to work with the operating system registry, but also to customize the system.

Reg Organizer deallocates additional resources due to the complete removal of unwanted programs installed previously. In addition, the application helps to clean and optimize the registry, to search, replace and edit its keys and branches.

Key features of Reg Organizer:

- Removal of files left from programs; cleaning garbage in registries and hard drive disks.
- Application control activated with the system.
- Deallocation of resources and speeding up the operating system.
- Auto deletion of unnecessary updates, OS abandonware and other unused information.
- Auto search for and removal of unnecessary and erroneous system registry entries that may interfere with performance stability.
- System registry files compression and defragmentation.
- Exporting, importing, and copying key values from the system registry.
- Registry searching to detect and remove the application keys of interest to user.
- Editing keys and parameters, the possibility of adding and removing data in the .reg-files, which is especially important when transferring software configurations between computers.
- Ahead viewing of the registry files for their assess before content import.
- Control over program run and the alterations introduced in the registry using observation over registry keys.

Changes in recent version

Author: ChemTable Software
Price: $15.98
Windows: Vista, 7, 8, 10

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