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RescueTime is a free application to track your activity at the computer. The application is compatible not only with Windows, but also with Linux, MacOS, and Android, which allows you to synchronize all your devices for maximum productivity.

The RescueTime will help you figure out where the precious time goes and why it is constantly missing. The application provides an opportunity to optimize your work and improve your productivity.

Everything that you do is automatically classified so that you can quickly see the time you spend on specific applications, websites and projects, evaluate your daily performance and draw appropriate conclusions.

In RescueTime, your activity will be divided into several categories: work, communication, shopping, training, news and more. Categories are divided into subcategories with a degree of productivity (from extremely low to maximally productive). In the settings, you yourself choose which categories are considered the most productive and important.

Benefits of RescueTime

  • Automatic activity fixation.
  • Convenient display of data on the application website.
  • Ability to view activity per day/week/month/year.
  • Weekly report by mail.
  • Flexible settings.

Changes in recent version

Author: RescueTime
Price: Free
Windows: 7, 8, 10

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