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Rising PC Doctor is a professional application for anti-malware protection for your PC.‭ ‬It can restore Internet Explorer and Windows settings after a crash.

Rising PC Doctor provides automatic malware scans,‭ ‬prevents viruses from entering via USB,‭ ‬and detects Trojans and stops them from making it into the PC.‭ ‬The application also protects you from being redirected to malicious sites.

Main features of Rising PC Doctor:

-‭ ‬Identification of most Trojans before they start running on your PC and blocking them.
-‭ ‬Identification and deletion of spyware and other malware.
-‭ ‬Preventing the intruding virus from downloading other malicious elements.
-‭ ‬Automatic scanning of the computer for potentially menacing software and blocking them.
-‭ ‬Timely reporting on emerging threats.
-‭ ‬Generation of scan reports,‭ ‬sending them to Rising Cloud Security,‭ ‬and storing them in a special database that provides up-to-date information on all known malware.
-‭ ‬Protection of the user’s personal information.
-‭ ‬Cleaning lists of recent files.
-‭ ‬Cleaning Windows search history.
-‭ ‬Deleting temporary files and files from the Trash Bin.
-‭ ‬Permanent deletion of files.
-‭ ‬Automatic elimination of potentially vulnerable spots in the system.
-‭ ‬Management of autorun software.
-‭ ‬Display of programs currently connected to the Internet.
-‭ ‬Designation of programs to run after the starting up the system.

Changes in recent version

Author: Rising Antivirus International
Price: Free
Windows: XP, Vista, 7, 8

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