Rozmovlyalka 1.2

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Rozmovlyalka - ukrainian TTS language with builin screen reader. This freware program can convert written Ukrainian text (as well as English) into spoken words.

Rozmovlyalka can be useful for: reading books for children; students and adults to read fiction and official papers; entertainment and presentation programs; to provide automated voice notification in information systems; for non-native speakers and students of the Ukrainian Language; for people with visual impairments.

Features of Rozmovlyalka:

- Have high quality and natural voice speech.
- Read Ukrainian, English and mixed texts.
- Can convert written text to MP3.
- Can convert WAV to MP3.
- Rozmovlyalka can read text in TXT and HTML formats.
- Possible to adjust many font properties: size, color, font attributes (bold, italic)...
- Dictionary support.


1. After first run of Rozmovlyalka enter the code «ai76pqwk8z5vzabm» without the quotes to run program.

2. For upgrade to version 1.2 download file Rozmovlyalka (patch) 1.2 and extract it in program files directory (usually C:Program FilesRozmovlyalka), replacing old files with new ones.

Changes in recent version

Author: Anatolij Chornyj
Price: Free
Windows: 98, ME,2000, XP, Vista, 7

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