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RPCS3 is a free open-source Sony PlayStation 3 cross-platform emulator and debugger written in C ++. The program supports a huge number of PS3 games based on OpenGL and Vulkan technologies. Compatible with Windows, Linux and FreeBSD.

The emulator allows the gamer to run on his PC games originally designed for the PS3 platform. On the official website you can see the expanded list of compatible games (more than 2 thousand available).

Important! For the program to work correctly, you need to download and install the latest PlayStation 3 firmware system firmware (file with the .PUP extension). After downloading, you need to install the firmware using the firmware installer built into the application, which is located in the menu File> Install Firmware.

Benefits of RPCS3

  • Distributed for free.
  • Good emulator speed.
  • A good selection of compatible games (the list is constantly expanding).
  • Convenient navigator in the library of games.
  • Constantly updating the application.
  • Availability of support for branded joysticks.
  • The ability to customize the interface.

Disadvantages of RPCS3

  • A bit complicated installation process.
  • The emulator is not always stable.
  • Lack of online game support.

Changes in recent version

Author: RPCS3 Team
Price: Free
Windows: 7, 8, 10

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