Screenshot Captor


Screenshot Captor 4.36.1:

  • [Improvement] You can now set custom toolbar icon size (More Interface Options tab).
  • [Feature] New menu function, SpecialFx -> Delete selection (make transparent).

Screenshot Captor 4.29.0:

  • Region select mode is now much more responsive.
  • Region select mode now shows region size hint much more clearly
  • Region select mode crosshairs are now easier to see on a variety of backgrounds.
  • When copying image (or region) to clipboard that has alpha transparency, the alpha transparency is preserved.
  • New menu item in Objects menu to save current image or region into the MyClipart folder for reuse as a clipart object.
  • New right-click context menu in clipart panel to browse current clipart directory with file explorer (useful for managing/renaming MyClipart files).
  • Fixed-size region captures now use same capture mode as region-select mode, just starting out in selection-move mode; so now all of the region select mode features and hotkeys are available (use '1'-'9' to choose from preset sizes, use 'r' key to toggle region mode, etc.)
  • Hold alt key while dragging second corner of region in region capture mode to preserve aspect ratio.
  • It's possible that jpg "Date Created", normally left blank by SC, could be set to values photo loaded by SC.
  • The common default screenshot directory folder is now added near top of GoTo/MoveTo directory lists at startup.

Screenshot Captor 4.27.3:

  • [Help] Added new help topic on region select mode.
  • [Improvement] Much faster and smoother region capture mode keyboard nudge operation.
  • [Improvement] Added 'T' shortcut in region capture mode to toggle controlling corner (useful for nudging and adjusting region).
  • [Improvement] Tweaked the detection of a simple left-click in region capture mode to avoid spurious case where a single click was interpreted as a drag and release capture in region capture mode.
  • [Improvement] Added 'R' shortcut in region capture mode to switch to fixed sized region move mode.
  • [Improvement] Added ability to quickly select preset region sizes in region capture mode using your favorite and last sizes, using keys 0-9.
  • [New Feature] Auto selection adjustment (under Edit Menu) -- will resize (both and expand and shrink) the current selection region to tightly fit the foreground contents on a solid background. Great for isolating GUI controls, windows, etc.; New toolbar menu item for this command, and shortcut key 'a' in editor.
  • [New Feature] In main editor, use keys 0-9 to select from MyFavorite region sizes (0 to unselect).
  • [BugFix] Pixelation effects grid borders were sometimes off by one pixel.
  • [BugFix] Sorting by name in thumbnail panel was not working.
  • [Improvement] Speed of sorting thumbnail panel has been improved.
  • [BugFix] Eliminated unnecessary long delay after closing options panel and performing other operations that effected the thumbnail panel (sorting, etc.).
  • [BugFix] Active screenshot (position) in screenshot thumbnail panel was being lost after closing options or performing some other menu operations.
  • [Improvement] When copying a selected region to clipboard or saving a selected region as a separate file (see toolbar button and save menu for this handy operation), it will now properly save alpha transparency if the selection is non rectangular (for example made using lasso selection or auto adjust region action). This can be useful for selecting a gui element on screen and pasting it back as an object that can be moved and manipulated.

Screenshot Captor 4.21.1:

- Fixed GDI leak that could cause SC to hang after thousands of captures.

Screenshot Captor 4.20.1:

- Fixed Bugs.

Screenshot Captor 4.13.0:

- On Windows8/10, Aero capture mode was enabled by default, needlessly delaying active window captures; Aero options are now disabled by default for Windows 8/10.
- When changing screenshot directories, the program no longer creates a temporary file to test for directory writeability.
- Miscellaneous thumbnail panel improvements for compatibility with operating system.
- Error message when selecting a PDF file in thumbnail list was not accurate.
- Use of the -show commandline option was not bringing program to front if it was already visible.
- New "Open Image" item on main file menu.
- Fixed bugs.

Screenshot Captor 4.12.0:

- Ctrl+C to copy selected region to clipboard (especially with Ctrl+A) was not copying the last row and column.
- New option to not display PDF files in thumbnail panel.
- Clicking on a PDF file will now show message about double-clicking on thumbnail to open in default external viewer.
- Last captured region is now preserved across runs.

Screenshot Captor 4.10.0:

- [Improvement] Selecting multiple files with Ctrl+Click from thumbnail panel and dropping on current image now works better because it will ignore the case where the current image is selected.
- [Improvement] Selecting multiple images with Ctrl or Shift no longer triggers loading of selected images.
- [BugFix] No longer will query pale moon browser for current url even if option enabled in capture tab, since the browser does not respond with info.

Screenshot Captor 4.9.6:

- Renaming files in thumbnail panel now preserves file extension.
- Standalone screenshot window mode (see View menu), allows full screen editing, full-window file browser, and/or small floating preview window.

Screenshot Captor 4.9.5:

- Includes the changes found in the previous Beta versions.

Screenshot Captor 4.9.3:

- [Feature] New print option (default) to match automatically page orientation to screenshot aspect ratio.
- [MinorFeature] Added keyboard accelerator for Edit -> Select -> Remember item.
- [BugFix] Uploader dialog was opening on wrong initial tab.
- [BugFix] Patch region special effect was missing last row+column.
- [Change] If you try to minimize SC and have unsaved changed; choosing cancel/dontsave will still minimize the program.

Screenshot Captor 4.9.1:

- You can now control what happens when you hit Ctrl+C.
- Copy-to-clipboard menus now show a more informative.
- Fixed bugs.

Screenshot Captor 4.9.1:

- Fixed Bugs.

Screenshot Captor 4.9.0:

- New action available when dropping an image file onto the current image: Combine images.
- Made it easier to abort scrolling and other capture operations.
- Added commandline option to change save file format.
- Added tools menu to SC system tray menu.
- When SC encounters an image file of a different format than the extension indicates, it is still loaded but a warning is shown.
- When SC encounters an error loading an image file, it reports the error and clears the current image selection.
- Select-region capture can now be performed in additional ways.
- By default SC now checks if a capture is all white or all black, and reports the probable cause.
- Many other additions, changes and corrections.

Screenshot Captor 4.8.5:

- Completely revamped the "manual" method of performing a scrolling capture, to make it easier to do your own scrolling on stubborn windows.
- Added some commandline options for use with an already running copy of Screenshot Captor.
- You can now toggle the object-capture behavior to not present the "What Now?" dialog where you can choose scrolling capture, etc., and instead do an immediate object/region capture.
- Minor improvements to Scrolling Capture workflow/instructions/warnings.

Screenshot Captor 4.7.0:

- Added new shape option for arrows.
- New quick-search-bar for easy filtering of screenshots listed in thumbnail panel.
- Added File menu item to close current file and have nothing loaded.
- You can now sort standard thumbnail sidebar with newest at top if you like.
- New option (enabled by default) to auto-select next file after deletions.
- New option (Print tab) to invert colors of printouts.
- New help panel when in object editing mode.
- The Caption toolbar button will now help you EDIT an existing caption, replacing and resizing the existing caption text object.
- New item in Object menu to remove an existing caption.
- If user accidentally loads a second instance, the error message and behavior is clearer.
- SC now remembers sorting column+direction in list/detail thumbnail sidebar modes.
- Improved sizing of columns in different detail view modes; new simple left hand list mode.
- When set to stay minimized after capture, if SC was onscreen when capture initiated, it would jump to front and not always relinquish foreground window after completion.  Note that the SC window does return to the screen and not minimize if it was on screen when capture initiated.
- Better support for dragging and dropping images from other programs (especially web browser) onto main window.
- Starting your word in the new screenshot filter edit box with ~ will show files that do NOT match what it typed next.
- Caption dialog form now has a multiline memo for the caption text.
- Iff multiple images are selected, the toolbar delete button will now delete all instead of just the current image.
- Fixed bugs.

Screenshot Captor 4.5.0:

- Post-capture dialog now has a field where you can specify an optional quick custom filename.
- New option to open windows explorer file browser to location of SaveAs image after a SaveAs.
- New option to not uniquify filenames when launching the SaveAs dialog.
- The file template field now has some suggestions in a drop down combo box.
- New options to customize the post-capture dialog to use it in faster one-key dismissal mode and with one key copy-to-clipboard action.
- You can now set auto-print option from tray menu.
- Fixed bugs.

Screenshot Captor 4.3.0:

- Clipboard toolbar button now includes some clipboard paste actions.
- Save and open dialogs are now resizable.
- Holding shift when triggering delete actions now bypasses recycle bin (conforms with standard windows behavior).
- You can now set the custom character used to replace illegal filename characters (default is '_')
- Fixed bugs.

Screenshot Captor 4.1.00:

- Improved scanner device selection and support for additional device types (DCIM cameras).
- Right-clicking in thumbnail panel now has better view options.
- Fixed bugs.

Screenshot Captor 4.00.00:

- Freehand painting/annotations; Like objects, can be edited after save.
- New QuickCapture bar.
- Undo available for most object manipulation actions.
- You can now specify custom comment in post-capture pop-up dialog.
- You can now capture shots from webcams.
- New super-easy-to-use built-in image host uploader.
- You can now save and load your entire configuration settings to/from different files.
- You can now save all selected images to an animated GIF file.
- Many other additions, changes and corrections.

Screenshot Captor 3.08.01:

- [BugFix] Automatic Print Captioning was not working if triggered from the optional post-capture dialog.
- [Change] Improved menu captions for delay and autocapture items; changed autocapture options to allow faster than 1s captures.

Screenshot Captor 3.06.01:

- Upload tools now support ShareX (new version of ZUploader).

Screenshot Captor 3.05.01:

- Changed default single tray click action to do nothing.
- The delay set in WindowCapture1 is now used after moving a window that is partially offscreen when performing a transparent window capture.
- System tray icon menu items to open last image in viewer or editor.
- Added pop-up context menu to file info/comments panel.
- Added option to automatically watermark and/or zupload new screenshots.
- When applying bluring/interlacing/hiding effects, the transparency of the image is now flattened, to avoid leakage of information that could occur with transparency interactions.
- New option (checked by default) to get actual scan DPI after scanning.
- Image captions now support multiline captions (use \n).
- Image captions now support %filememo% for contents of the file memo box.
- Image captions now include left and center align options.
- You can now have captions auto-applied to new screenshots.
- You can now have captions automatically added to printouts (can be used to print date, application name, contents of below-image file memo, etc.).
- Fixed bugs.

Screenshot Captor 3.04.01:

- Selection is now shown live in the bottom left zoom panel.
- Added cancel button in options to abandon any changes made in options dialog.
- Installer now has checkbox to start-with-windows (unchecked by default).
- You can now use alt+arrows to nudge upper left corner of selection.
- Color of pixel under cursor is now shown on statusbar menu toolbar.
- When performing a selected-region capture you can now see a zoomed inset window showing magnified pixel details and precise selection crosshairs.
- You can now move the cursor icon to be captured when performing a selected-region capture.
- In selected-region capture you can hit the spacebar to reset the starting selection box position.
- Option added to revert to old small crosshairs in selection-region capture mode.
- Fixed bugs.

Screenshot Captor 3.03.01:

- Fixed Bugs.

Screenshot Captor 3.00.01:

- Fixed Bugs.

Screenshot Captor 3.00:

- New spice effects (ragged edge, etc.); also available in cropping and in border menu.
- Super deluxe scrolling capture system.
- Easy watermarking menu and options.
- Options to preserve dates when saving modifying screenshot files.
- Options to rename when changing content and filename field of files.
- Loading an image now shows its creation/modification date in statusbar.
- MoveTo directories can now support things like %APPDIR% etc for more portable configuration.
- Fixed bugs.

Screenshot Captor 2.99.01:

- New checkbox in SaveAs dialog to strip all metadata on save.
- You can now set blend mode for highlight boxes and text boxes - lets you keep the text underneath clearly visible.
- You can now set the background color for text labels on arrows.
- Splice out operation now asks about vertical or horizontal if its not clear from selection.
- You can now set a custom capture sound.
- You can now set origin point styles for arrow line label text.
- Fixed bugs.

Screenshot Captor 2.96.01:

- You can now reselect the last selection region location.
- Added new option to help aero transparency capture of child windows.
- Added GoTo menu for quick jumping between favorite folders.
- Added option to hide tray icon completely.
- Added commandline screenshot emailing option, and includes the sendmail.exe commandline tool.
- Built with lastest shell browser library for thumbnail panel.
- Fixed bugs.

Screenshot Captor 2.93.01:

- Added Pixelate *outside* region special effect.
- Fixed bugs.

Screenshot Captor 2.93.01:

- Great multimon support.