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SHAREit‭ is an application for sharing a wide range of files between electronic devices at a short distance from each other. ‭ ‬It can transfer data two hundred times as fast as Bluetooth.‬‬‬

SHAREit makes it possible to share files between PCs, tablets and smartphones. It supports transfer of photos, video and audio files, executables and any other files.‭‬

Below are ‬SHAREit’s key features:‬

‭- No need to be connected to the Internet.‬
‭- Wireless operation (via WiFi).‬
‭- ‬File transfer rate of up to 20 Mbit/s or even faster.‬
‭- ‬Data exchange between various devices.‬
‭- ‬Transfer of files and folders of any size.‬
‭- ‬Transfer of various file formats: ‬photo,‭ video, audio, applications etc.‬‬
‭- ‬Two-step data transfer.‬
‭- ‬Saving and copying photos and other files from a mobile phone to a PC.‬
‭- ‬Browsing through the photos taken with a phone camera on a PC’s larger screen.‬
‭- ‬Browsing through the files stored on a PC using a tablet or a mobile phone.‬
‭- Automated detection of devices with ShareIT installed within the signal’s reach.‬
‭- ‬Simple UI with two buttons.‬

Changes in recent version

Author: Lenovo
Price: Free
Windows: XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10

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