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Telegram is a Windows application enabling one of the most popular remote communication services. Using this application, you can not only quickly and conveniently exchange text messages, but also share various files, such as photos, audio and video files, etc.

One of Telegram’s key benefits is its absolute privacy. Apart from the standard encryption technologies, this application also uses automatic self-destruction mechanisms for clearing all traces of the conversation history (both on the receiver’s and the sender’s devices).

Key features of Telegram:

- Telegram can be used on most popular operation systems and platforms.
- Automatic synchronization of messages across user devices.
- Sharing text messages, photos, video clips, music, documents, etc.
- Ability to create groups.
- Works in a cloud where each user is allocated up to 1.5 GB of personal space.
- Application’s high performance and total security.
- Completely free, with no ads.


To register a user account, please use Telegram from your smartphone or enter your phone number and then type in a confirmation code from an SMS.

Changes in recent version

Author: Telegram Messenger LLP
Price: Free
Windows: 7, 8, 10

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