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TequilaCat Book Reader

TequilaCat Book Reader‭ (‬TCBR‭)‬ is a free application for creating e-books suitable for reading on any mobile phone with Java support.

TequilaCat Book Reader actually has two parts‭ — ‬the first one,‭ ‬TCBR Shell,‭ ‬is a Windows application converting text files into JAR books,‭ ‬while the second one consists of the JAR books created by TCBR Shell which include the book itself and a Java application for reading it.

Key features of TequilaCat Book Reader

  • ‭Generation of Java books from FB2,‭ ‬PDF,‭ ‬MS Word files and other formats.‭
  • Installation of a JAR file on a mobile device.‭
  • Support for various fonts,‭ ‬including Windows fonts,‭ ‬even with no Cyrillic support.‭
  • Support for smooth fonts in case a book is created with ClearType‭ (‬the font-smoothing technology‭) ‬on.‭
  • Display of text rotated clockwise or counter-clockwise.‭
  • Page-by-page,‭ ‬line-by-line and pixel-by-pixel auto-scrolling at a predefined speed.‭
  • Ability to read FB2‭ ‬and TXT files directly from a memory card.‭
  • Ability to display pictures in FB2‭ ‬books on a memory card and in JAR books created from HTML.‭
  • Subdivision in chapters,‭ ‬adding the words‭ “‬Preface‭” ‬and‭ “‬Chapter‭” ‬to the Table of Contents,‭ ‬etc.‭
  • Choosing from several methods of hyphenation and text justification.‭
  • An option to choose the font color and the type of the‭ “‬paper‭” ‬background.‭
  • Ability to remove formatting,‭ ‬duplicate spaces,‭ ‬excess indentation.‭
  • Bookmarking.‭
  • Support of touchscreens.

Changes in recent version

Author: Alexey Vdovichenko
Price: Free
Windows: XP, Vista

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