Bitvise SSH Client


Bitvise SSH Client 8.26:

  • Fixed issue introduced in version 8.25 where the recent locations drop-down in the graphical SFTP interface would no longer function correctly.
  • Fixed issue introduced in version 8.24 where the SSH Server Remote Control Panel could no longer be launched when connected to SSH Server versions 7.xx and earlier.

Bitvise SSH Client 8.25:

  • Regular files are no longer shown for auto completion of directory paths.
  • Tab and Shift+Tab now behave consistently with auto-completion in other apps.
  • File transfer events no longer cancel the auto-completion drop-down.
  • To improve UI responsiveness, directory listings are now performed in a background thread.

Bitvise SSH Client 8.23:

  • Fixed an issue in previous 8.xx versions which would prevent Bitvise SSH Client and FlowSsh from connecting to a server that supports host key synchronization and employs a key type the client does not support. This affected connections from Windows XP and Windows Server 2003, where our cryptographic provider does not support Ed25519; and use under FIPS mode, where Ed25519 and ECDSA/secp256k1 are not supported.

Bitvise SSH Client 8.22:

  • A proportion of users are closing the main SSH Client window when connected so that it minimizes into the Windows notification area (the system tray). Users forget about that SSH Client instance and launch new instances for new sessions. Forgotten sessions stay online indefinitely and terminal window settings do not appear to save because the SSH Client is never closed.
  • To fix this, the SSH Client will now restore its main window if it's still hidden in the notification area after closing a related window such as terminal or SFTP. This behavior can be configured with a new setting found under Closing and minimization.
  • Since the changes related to password authentication in 8.17, the graphical client's command line parameter -password=... did not take effect if the SSH Client profile was configured to use password authentication but the checkbox Store encrypted password in profile was disabled. Fixed.
  • sftpc: Updated help text for get and put commands to clarify how the -r and -o parameters control when hash-based synchronization, heuristic resume or overwrite is used.

Bitvise SSH Client 8.21:

  • The graphical SSH Client's terminal window for xterm (and other non-bvterm terminals) implements a Select mode intended to behave like the Windows console's QuickEdit mode. A difference was catching users off-guard: canceling a mouse text selection with an arbitrary key press would not send the key to the server. For users who began a selection without noticing, it appeared as though the terminal window was eating a key press for no reason. Consistently with the Windows console, the SSH Client will now send key presses that cancel a selection to the server.
  • In previous versions, if the graphical SSH Client failed to load a profile specified on the command line, it would fall back to the last used profile and still act on the -loginOnStartup parameter if also provided. This would result in bewildering behavior. If a profile specified on the command line fails to load, the SSH Client now loads the default profile (stored in the Windows registry) and ignores -loginOnStartup.
  • In previous 8.xx versions, loading an SSH Client profile from a network share would fail when the ZoneId alternative data stream could not be opened. If the ZoneId ADS cannot be opened, a profile will now be loaded as if its origin is the local computer.
  • We have identified niche situations where one-click Remote Desktop forwarding might fail to start when an SSH Client DLL is not found. To resolve this, this version makes changes to how the Remote Desktop client is started.
  • There exist SSH clients which, in violation of RFC 4254, disconnect if a server sends a global request after successful authentication. A server might send a global request for purposes such as host key synchronization or disconnect detection. If the server supports RFC 8308, then to indicate it supports global requests, the SSH Client will include the extension global-requests-ok in its SSH_MSG_EXT_INFO.
  • In previous 8.xx versions, the SSH Client would not import RSA private and public keys larger than 8192 bits. This limit is once again 16384 bits.
  • The SSH Client installer will now offer to wait instead of exiting when another Bitvise installation is already in progress.
  • Slightly improved the user friendliness of the installer and uninstaller for command-line installations.

Bitvise SSH Client 8.19:

  • In previous 8.xx versions, the icons for the New terminal console, New SFTP window and New Remote Desktop actions were too similar. The SSH Client now sports updated icons that are easier to distinguish.
  • In previous 8.xx versions, when the SSH Client reconnected after losing a connection, it failed to continue ongoing transfers. Fixed.
  • SFTP interface: When connecting to SFTP servers that support synchronization using the SFTP v6 extensions check-file-name, check-file-handle and check-file-blocks, the resume and overwrite modes are now more clearly overridden by synchronize in the SFTP user interface.
  • sftpc: When connecting to SFTP servers that support synchronization, the -r and -o options for get and put commands now both act as aliases for synchronize. Previously, only -o acted as an alias for synchronize, and -r was unavailable.

Bitvise SSH Client 8.18:

  • In previous 8.xx versions, if the system clock was moved back after a check for updates (in UTC, not time zone specific), an automatic check would be repeated with high frequency. This could consume 80 kbps in bandwidth while the graphical SSH Client was running until the clock caught up.
  • In previous 8.xx versions, an automatic check for updates would be performed if the graphical SSH Client was run with -noRegistry. An automatic check is no longer performed in this situation, but can be performed manually.

Bitvise SSH Client 7.46:

  • After the SSH session has been terminated by receiving EOF or sending SSH_MSG_DISCONNECT, FlowSsh will now discard any further outgoing SSH packets. This helps avoid a stall in processing and further improves the odds that all previously received data will be processed.
  • File transfer: Fixed an issue where, if the connection was lost during a download while synchronization was being performed, the local file size would be reset to zero.
  • stermc: Improved handling of default colors configured in -profile or using the -colors parameter when using non-bvterm terminals such as xterm or vt100. The screen is now cleared using the configured colors.

Bitvise SSH Client 7.45:

  • Bitvise SSH Server, SSH Client, and FlowSsh previously did not implement strict size limits or sanitization of content before displaying or logging strings received from a remote party. Much stricter size limits and sanitization are now implemented.
  • Bitvise SSH Server, SSH Client, and FlowSsh now report the size of the Diffie Hellman group actually used in DH key exchange. This is useful with key exchange methods that use DH group exchange, where there was previously no straightforward way to know what size group was used.
  • Importing an empty public key file would cause the SSH Client's Host key manager to hang indefinitely. Fixed.
  • When loading an SSH Client profile, the SSH Client's Remote Desktop tab failed to update the Remote Desktop width and/or height if the new value was 0 (the default value). Fixed.

Bitvise SSH Client 7.44:

  • Cryptography: Implemented support for changes in Windows internal cryptographic structures in Windows Insider Preview Build 17704. This build was released to Windows Insiders in the Fast ring on June 27, 2018.
  • Users who need to use earlier versions of our software on new Windows builds that change internal structures can work around compatibility issues by using the following key exchange algorithms: Curve25519, ECDH over nistp256k1. These key exchange methods do not rely on Windows cryptography; however, our software does not provide them if FIPS mode is enabled in Windows. Other key exchange methods require upgrading our software to a version that supports the new Windows build.

Bitvise SSH Client 7.43:

  • Fixed issues in past Bitvise software versions that resulted in incorrect file times when using subsecond times with SFTP protocol versions 4 and 6. This would result in incorrect last modified times after a file transfer which affected, on average, about one in several hundred files. Affected files would receive a last modified timestamp incorrect by up to 7+ minutes.
  • Fixed issues in password change dialog behavior if the original password was modified.
  • Updated installer and uninstaller manifests to reduce the likelihood that Windows will incorrectly run the Program Compatibility Assistant during or after installation. This mainly affects older Windows versions such as Windows 7.

Bitvise SSH Client 7.42:

  • The End User License Agreement has been updated to try to bring it closer to the requirements of states and their contractors. Terms are otherwise unchanged. Situations in which licenses can be transferred are now laid out so that no permission will be needed in most cases.
  • The SSH Client now includes a new build of the SSH Server Remote Control Panel (WRC) for use with SSH Server versions 7.21 and above. The new build incorporates improvements to the SSH Server Control Panel since version 7.26.
  • The SSH Client continues to include older versions of the Remote Control Panel for use with older SSH Server versions. Those remain unchanged.
  • The graphical SSH Client will no longer mark a profile as changed when a password is changed, but the password is not configured to be saved in the profile.

Bitvise SSH Client 7.41:

  • This is not a new feature release, but a successor to 7.39 with continued maintenance updates. (We skip over versions containing zeros to avoid ambiguities. For example, 7.04 and 7.40 might both be referred to as "7.4".).
  • This version continues an upgrade amnesty. Any Bitvise SSH Client activation code that could activate a previous 7.xx version will also activate this version.
  • Fixed an issue in zlib compression provided by the Crypto++ library. There existed a race condition which could cause data to be decompressed incorrectly in specific circumstances. (The circumstances required for this to happen do not appear to exist in the graphical Bitvise SSH Client or its command line clients.).
  • Fixed a denial of service attack vector. This remains to be described in more detail.
  • When performing unattended file transfers, the command line client sftpc would previously send a fire-and-forget SSH_FXP_CLOSE message followed by immediately closing the SFTP channel and the SSH session. Depending on circumstances such as network latency, Bitvise SSH Server versions up to and including 7.39 could fail to process the SSH_FXP_CLOSE request and incorrectly log that the final transfer may not have completed as intended. This has been fixed in the SSH Server with version 7.41. But also, sftpc will no longer send a fire-and-forget SSH_FXP_CLOSE before exiting.
  • In the SFTP interface of the graphical SSH Client, in the Move to... dialog, removed a limit that incorrectly prevented entering more than a fixed number of characters. This prevented use of the Move to feature with long paths and file names.

Bitvise SSH Client 7.39:

  • SFTP: In past 7.xx versions, Bitvise SSH Client and FlowSsh would perform a Resume check regardless of the type of server if Overwrite was enabled for upload. We suspect this could cause creation of an empty file with the same name on servers that support creation of multiple files with the same name.
  • The Resume check will no longer be performed when connected to a server that does not support SFTP v6 check-file and check-file-blocks extensions. With a server that supports these extensions, the Resume check will continue to be performed for Overwrite, since in this case Resume and Overwrite are the same operation.

Bitvise SSH Client 7.36:

  • Now supports the command line parameter -git, which is shorthand for the new parameters -cmdQuoted and -exitZero. This allows sexec to be more easily configured for use with Git.
  • Now supports the command line parameter -cmdQuoted. This can be used when the remote command to execute is provided outside of the -cmd=... parameter, but is enclosed in single or double quotes.
  • Now supports the command line parameter -exitZero. If the remote command executes and returns exit code 0, this will cause sexec to return exit code 0 as well.
  • Now supports the command line parameter -p <portNr>. This can be used to specify the port number instead of -port=<portNr>.
  • Fixed an issue which would cause sexec to interpret as its own parameter a port number passed as part of the remote command to be executed. This could cause sexec to fail, or to connect to the SSH server on an unintended port.

Bitvise SSH Client 7.35:

- Fixed an issue which would cause a crash when all files are removed from the download or upload queue.
- Fixed visual artifacts that would arise while resizing in the SFTP Download or Upload window.

Bitvise SSH Client 7.34:

- This version fixes a memory leak introduced in version 7.31.

Bitvise SSH Client 7.31:

- This is not a new feature release, but a successor to 7.29 with continued maintenance updates. (We skip over versions containing zeros to avoid ambiguities. For example, 7.03 and 7.30 might both be referred to as "7.3".).
- Small changes in key places improve CPU efficiency on the order of 30% (impact may depend on the system). This improves transfer speeds where CPU is the bottleneck – or maintaining same performance, allows for a greater number of simultaneous connections. Users who were previously maxing out a single core and seeing transfer speeds of e.g. 150 MB/s, may now see e.g. 200 MB/s.
- Fixed VT-100 keyboard mappings. Function keys will now be sent correctly over VT-100 and xterm when VT-100 mode is enabled. Adapted navigation keys for VT-100, including: Insert, Delete, Home, End, Page Up, and Page Down.
- Removed unnecessary input length limitations in user authentication input boxes by permitting scrolling. This should allow the use of long YubiKey two-factor authentication strings using the method keyboard-interactive.
- Diffie-Hellman key exchange algorithms that use group exchange are once again deprioritized, regardless of which cryptographic provider is in use. This means other key exchange algorithms will again be preferred. In version 7.21, we stopped deprioritizing these algorithms because our Windows CNG cryptographic provider can handle dynamic DH group parameters generated by servers like OpenSSH. However, there remain older servers, such as SunSSH, which generate DH groups which are not acceptable to any of our cryptographic providers.

Bitvise SSH Client 7.29:

- Fixed a rarely occurring race condition which could cause the SSH Client to terminate when closing an SFTP channel.

Bitvise SSH Client 7.27:

- Implemented changes to reduce the incidence of MSI error 1638 during installation of the FlowSshNet component.
- Fixed positioning of the right-click menu for the SSH Client system tray icon on systems with larger than normal (more than 100%) display DPI settings.

Bitvise SSH Client 7.26:

- Incorporates an update to the Bitvise SSH Server Remote Control Panel for SSH Server versions 7.21+. The update fixes an issue introduced with version 7.21, where exporting a single server host keypair in Bitvise format, using the "Manage host keys" interface in the SSH Server Control Panel, would result in a corrupted file. (Multiple key export worked fine.).

Bitvise SSH Client 7.24:

- When the uninstaller detects that a file is still in use, it can now display the names of applications keeping the file open. (Requires Windows Vista or later.).
- When downloading a textual file using the file transfer mode Auto Std, the SSH Client will now close the file before reopening it in text mode. This is to avoid issues with servers that do not properly handle two open handles to the same file simultaneously.
- The default file transfer mode when connecting to Cerberus FTP Server is now Binary.

Bitvise SSH Client 7.22:

- Includes an update to the Bitvise SSH Server Remote Control Panel for SSH Server versions 7.21+ included with the SSH Client.

Bitvise SSH Client 7.15:

- Updated EULA to make more explicit our licensing and support policies. The policies themselves remain unchanged.
- In command line clients (sftpc, stermc, sexec, stnlc, spksc), the parameter -proxyPassword had no effect. Fixed.

Bitvise SSH Client 7.14:

- SSH implementations have a chance of generating RSA signatures slightly smaller than expected with a small probability (e.g. 1:200).
- Windows CNG, as used by our new cryptographic provider in versions 7.xx, has been found to return an incorrect signature size for odd-sized RSA keys (e.g. for 1023-bit or 2047-bit keys).
- Certain implementations (e.g. OpenSSH version 7.2, but not 7.2p2) have been found to encode RSA signatures using the new signature methods rsa-sha2-256 and rsa-sha2-512 in a way that is not compatible with the specification of these methods.
- Our SSH Server, SSH Client, and FlowSsh now have improved Windows error reporting, distinguishing NTSTATUS error messages from those associated with HRESULT.

Bitvise SSH Client 6.47:

- Bitvise SSH Client can now be used free of charge in all environments. There are no limits on free use in enterprises, businesses, or governments.
- Fixed an issue which could cause the SSH Client to crash under rare conditions.
- Fixed a small memory leak which could become visible after long periods of use, e.g. if an SSH session remained active for several months.

Bitvise SSH Client 6.46:

- Fixed Bugs.

Bitvise SSH Client 6.45:

- Fixed Bugs.

Bitvise SSH Client 6.43:

- Improved uninstallation to reduce the likelihood that Windows might need to be restarted to complete a reinstallation or upgrade. If a restart would be required, the user can now choose to abort reinstallation.
- In the graphical SFTP interface, file icons are now loaded asynchronously, to avoid the interface blocking due to lengthy antivirus scans.
- Fixed an issue that prevented X11 forwarding from working properly in terminal windows other than the first one. This issue was introduced with 6.xx versions.
- The GSSAPI DH key exchange method with group exchange is now also de-prioritized when connecting to non-Bitvise servers, along with other methods that use group exchange.
- Terminal: The RIS and DECST instructions to reset terminal and screen buffer are now supported in conjunction with xterm. This allows the Linux reset command to be used to fully reset the terminal.
- Terminal: A copy and paste notification is now displayed also when Shift+Insert is used to paste.
- FTP Bridge: Fixed an issue which caused the SSH Client main window to freeze if an FTP client was not disconnecting the control connection.
- FTP Bridge: Added IPv6 support to the FTP Bridge, implementing support for EPSV and EPRT commands.

Bitvise SSH Client 6.41:

- This is the first version tested on Windows 10 as part of the development process.
- The SSH Client installer now supports the -activationCode parameter.
- Failed and incomplete installations are now detected and displayed, to help the user choose the correct installation directory.
- Publisher and version information is now added for display in Add/Remove Programs.
- SHA-256 public key fingerprints, compatible with the latest OpenSSH versions, are now supported.
- Symmetric encryption algorithms that use CBC mode are now disabled by default.
- The graphical SFTP client now maintains a list of recent locations.
- A new retry utility is now included, which can be used to automatically retry a command based on its exit code.
- The log utility now supports an additional parameter, -t, which will cause the utility to prefix every line of output with a timestamp.
- The command-line SFTP client, sftpc, now supports tab expansion based on wildcard patterns.
- Fixed bugs.

Bitvise SSH Client 6.31:

- In terms of the oldest Windows versions supported, the SSH Client now officially requires Windows XP, Windows Server 2003, or later. The SSH Client no longer supports Windows 2000.
- The graphical client now displays the current date in the log area when the client is started, when the date changes, and when the log is cleared.
- The graphical file transfer client now accepts drag and drop from other applications.
- The Edit context menu option is now available for files of all extensions, including no extension.
- The SSH Client will now log any messages sent by the server as SSH_EXTENDED_DATA_STDERR before closing a successfully opened terminal channel.
- Improved the method the SSH Client uses to update the Remote Desktop window title.
- Implemented support for Ctrl+Left/Right to move to previous/next word, and Ctrl+Home/End to delete text until beginning/end of line. Clients stnlc and spksc now also support Tab-completion.
- Fixed bugs.

Bitvise SSH Client 6.24:

- The graphical SFTP client now supports editing of remote files. A remote file can be edited using right click > Edit. The client will automatically download the file; open it in the editor associated with its file extension in Windows; then monitor the local copy of the file for changes. When changes are saved, the file will be uploaded automatically.
- The graphical SFTP client now supports right click > 'Open with...', both for local and remote files.
- Further improvements to tab completion in sftpc.
- The 'move' and 'lmove' commands in sftpc now support the -o (overwrite) parameter.
- In command line clients, the -keypairFile parameter would only work if another keypair (even if unused) was available, either in the profile being used, or in global client settings. Fixed.
- Fixed a long-standing graphical glitch which would cause edit boxes in the graphical SSH Client to temporarily lose borders whenever the Sysinternals Process Explorer was launched.

Bitvise SSH Client 6.23:

- SSH: Key exchange methods that use group exchange will now be de-prioritized when connecting to all non-Bitvise SSH server implementations. This serves to avoid a compatibility issue where most non-Bitvise SSH servers will generate weak DH groups which cannot be used with the FIPS 140-2 validated cryptographic provider used by Bitvise SSH Client. Previously, group exchange was already de-prioritized for a handful of known SSH server implementations with this issue.
- SSH: It is now easier to turn compression on and off using the "Prefer zlib compression" setting on the SSH tab.
- File Transfer: The sftpc command line client now supports batch rename (using wildcards).
- File Transfer: The sftpc command line client now supports command, path, and filename completion using the Tab key.
- File Transfer: Remote file copy is now supported, in the graphical SFTP interface as well as the sftpc command line client, with SSH servers that implement the SFTP version 6 file copy extension (including Bitvise SSH Server).
- File Transfer: The graphical SFTP interface now supports drag and drop, copy, cut, and paste features.
- Remote Desktop: Smart sizing - automatic adjustment of remote desktop resolution to local client window size - can now be enabled or disabled for forwarded Remote Desktop connections in the SSH Client profile.
- Remote Desktop: Improved compatibility of authentication credentials with Remote Desktop servers running on Windows Server 2003 and XP.
- Remote Desktop: When not using SSH login credentials, the domain name to use for Remote Desktop authentication can now be configured in a field separate from the user name.
- Fixed bugs.

Bitvise SSH Client 6.22:

- The SSH Client now supports SSH protocol obfuscation. When connecting to an SSH server that supports it, obfuscation makes it harder for an observer to determine that the protocol being used is SSH.
- The sftpc command line client now supports tab completion.
- If a command is configured to be run under On Login > Execute on the Options tab, the SSH Client can now also be configured to close or terminate the program launched this way after the SSH session ends.
- Remote Desktop forwarding: ?A username and password can now be configured for single-click Remote Desktop forwarding, separately from the credentials used to log in via SSH.
- If the user name for Remote Desktop starts with ".\", it will now be communicated to the Remote Desktop client in the same way as in version 6.08 and older.
- Graphical xterm console: ?Block selection and copying is now supported by using the mouse to select while pressing the left Alt key.
- A tooltip is now displayed when text is copied to clipboard, or pasted in the terminal window. The tooltip can be turned off through the console's system menu.
- Fixed an issue which would cause a Ctrl+Alt+key event to be sent to the server in addition to a national character, when the user intended to input only a national character with AltGr+key.
- Links on the SSH Client's About tab now work correctly again.
- Fixed an issue that would cause the SSH session to terminate with an error after applying removal of some, but not all, client-configured C2S or S2C port forwarding rules.
- To maintain installer size, an initial Bitvise SSH Client 6.22 installation no longer includes files to support the Remote Control Panel feature for WinSSHD versions older than 5.22. The files necessary to use this feature with such older versions continue to be available separately.

Bitvise SSH Client 6.21:

- Per-profile host keys and client keypairs: Host authentication public keys, as well as client authentication keypairs, can now be stored in individual profiles.
- When a host key is verified by the user, and the SSH session uses a profile, a copy of the host key will now be automatically saved in the profile.
- Per-profile proxy settings: Proxy settings can now be configured for individual profiles as well, allowing a profile to override globally configured proxy settings.
- Implemented measures to ensure profile consistency when accessed by multiple SSH Client instances.
- Delayed negotiation of zlib compression, as advertised by servers using the '' algorithm, is now supported.
- Graphical management of server-side public keys: The graphical SSH Client now supports management of the user's public keys trusted by the server using SPKS, the Secure Shell Public Key Subsystem.
- Agent forwarding: The SSH Client now supports agent forwarding if it is supported by the SSH Server.
- Agent support: Both the graphical client, as well as the command line clients, now support public key authentication using keypairs available through the OpenSSH authentication agent (ssh-agent) or the PuTTY authentication agent (pageant).
- Improved the choice of default subsequent authentication method offered when the server requires both password and public key authentication.
- sftpc now supports launching local commands prefixed with '!' in scripted mode.
- sftpc can now execute "ldir" to provide expected results if the current local directory points to a network share.
- Automatic sign-on for Remote Desktop now works with Microsoft accounts, as well.
- Sessions that attempted to register a large number of simultaneous client-to-server port forwarding rules could be terminated by an error. Fixed.
- Improved disconnection responsiveness and reliability.
- Improved trace logging.
- Terminal: Mouse input is now supported.
- Terminal: The terminal window color palette can now be configured.
- Terminal: A setting is now supported to allow the terminal window to remain open after a terminal session closes.
- Terminal: The terminal client will now display terminal titles received from the server via xterm. The client will append such titles to the initial title.
- Terminal: Characters that could not normally be entered using the currently active input method can now be entered using Alt + NumPad or using copy and paste.
- Terminal: When using the graphical SSH Client in conjunction with a non-bvterm terminal protocol, such as xterm, the SSH Client will now use a custom terminal window with features not available with a Windows console window: Draggable resizing, Support for xterm-256color, Support for non-block copy & paste, Improved performance.
- Fixed bugs.

Bitvise SSH Client 4.62:

- The support for Ctrl+Alt+[A-Z] character combinations implemented in version 4.61 was conflicting with AltGr+[A-Z] combinations on non-US keyboards. The implementation has been improved so that Left Ctrl + Left Alt + [A-Z] will send the Ctrl+Alt+[A-Z] combination, but AltGr+[A-Z] will send the special character defined by the current keyboard configuration.

Bitvise SSH Client 4.61:

- Fixed Bugs.

Bitvise SSH Client 4.60:

- The xterm/vt100 terminal client has been re-implemented to improve performance and add new features.
- Default colors displayed by the xterm/vt100 terminal client can now be configured on the Terminal tab.
- Command-line clients (sftpc, stermc, sexec) now support a parameter to enable delegation when using Kerberos user authentication with standard SSH host authentication and key exchange. Previously, the command line clients supported delegation only when using Kerberos-based key exchange.
- The Host Key Manager can now store multiple host key fingerprints per SSH host. When a new host key is verified by the user, it is now added to other known keys for that host, instead of replacing them.
- To improve compatibility with some FTP clients, FTP-to-SFTP bridge will now send more conventional reply codes to USER and PASS commands, mimicking the behavior of FTP servers that require authentication.
- When launched from the Bitvise SSH Client graphical client, the terminal client now supports executing a custom command (as an exec request) instead of requesting a plain shell.
- When using single-click Remote Desktop forwarding, temporary RDP profiles are now removed from the "most recently opened" list for the Remote Desktop Connection shortcut.
- WoW64 filesystem redirection is now disabled when creating temporary RDP profiles for single-click Remote Desktop forwarding.
- Improved keyboard accessibility for launch bar icons in the graphical client.

Tunnelier 4.39:

- Added support for fully automated password + public key login.
- Added configurable code page support for non-bvterm terminals.
- Fixed bugs.

Tunnelier 4.35:

- Fixed issue in Tunnelier SFTP graphical user interface where icons would drift slowly apart when Tunnelier was running for prolonged periods.
- Tunnelier now supports a new command line parameter, "-disableSftpLocation", which disables direct input of local and remote paths in the SFTP graphical user interface.
- Tunnelier now includes the WinSSHD Remote Control Panel for WinSSHD versions 5.18 and newer. WinSSHD Remote Control Panel versions 5.06+ and 5.11+ also continue to be included.