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TV Player Classic is a freeware program for viewing online internet TV channels and recording it into AVI, viewing and recording streams from TV tuner and camera. TV Player Classic allows you to watch 400 paid online internet TV channels and 1200+ free live television channels from 100+ countries. TV Player Classic no need for additional software installed and no need a TV Tuner card because all the channels are streamed through your Internet connection.

For most TV a modem speed of 56Kb/s is required, for the broadband TV stations you need 100 Kb/s. TV Player Classic comes with automatic TV station updates so it will never be out of date.

Main Features TV Player Classic:

— Viewing and recording of the TV programs from the TV channels received through the TV tuner or from the videocamera.
— Broadcasting of your own channel from the TV tuner, from the videocamera or from some other Internet channel to the Internet.
— Recording of all the videostreams in the AVI (Xvid, DivX etc.) format at the realtime or after the recording.
— The availability of the TV Dual mode which is used to output the copy of picture to the television set or to the other monitor.
— The availability of the Embedded/Separate mode which is used to view the picture at the selected place of the monitor, provided with the possibility to adjust the size.
— Viewing of the TV channels on the monitor and/or on television in the fullscreen mode.
— Filtration of the Internet connection speed to choose the channels for high-grade viewing.
— Total saving of all the current settings when you exit the program and restoring of them at the next start of the program.
— Updating of the list of the TV channels.
— The proxy server support.


Some television broadcasting stations can be out of access at the moment because of overload. Not all the channels broadcast 24 hours a day. The quality of broadcasting is different for different channels.

Changes in recent version (change history)

Author: Dave Soft on Line
Price: Free
Windows: XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10

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