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UserBenchmark is a free software that allows to evaluate performance of all computer system as well as its individual components. This tool is a part of the huge array that is aimed at gathering information related to capabilities of various computer hardware – processors, video cards, hard disk drives, etc.

The program runs the hardware test by clicking only one button – Run. At this, performance evaluation is not based on a single parameter. Instead, all system components are exposed to different load levels that allows to observe the reaction of each of them and then find the best use for them. For example, this can include work with the Office software, playing games, video and audio processing, programs writing, cryptocurrencies mining or watching TV series on the daily basis with simultaneous torrents download.

As a result of the test, UserBenchmark displays conclusion about the tested computer’s performance and status. Apart from that, the program offers a list of hints and advices which can help user to achieve the best possible productivity indicators of his PC.

The interface consists of one small window that resembles the standard Windows OS installation wizard window. UserBenchmark doesn’t offer any testing parameters. Among control elements, there are only Start and Stop buttons.


  • Free of charge.
  • No need to install the program.
  • You can test all system components.
  • One button to click for the test to start. No need to adjust any settings.
  • Detailed test results and hints on how to increase PC performance.


  • Internet connection is required to decode the test results.


PC testing with the help of UserBenchmark doesn’t take much time but user should close all currently unnecessary applications and services to eliminate their influence on the test.

Changes in recent version

Author: UserBenchmark
Price: Free
Windows: XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10

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