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The Screen Capture category includes free software for recording activities going on your computer screen. This software can be used to create video tutorials, instructions and explanations or to record gameplays. Some of the proposed tools can record video from different screen sections, as well as create and edit screenshots.

Total number of software in this category: 5

CamStudio 2.7.4 (Build r354)

CamStudio can record your computer's screen and audio activity and generate AVI video files.


Clip2Net 3.4.1

Clip2Net allows you to select a desktop area and it will be uploaded to the Internet.


UVScreenCamera 7.4

UVScreenCamera is a reliable software for capturing videos and screenshots of your screen or specific windows and regions.


Bandicam 6.0.0

Bandicam is a powerful program for capturing everything that takes place on your computer screen.


Action! 4.29.2

Action! is a program for Windows that was designed specially for the purpose of capturing video from your PC desktop, video lessons, gameplay recording and other important actions.