Virtual DJ Home


Virtual DJ Home 2018 Build 4787:

  • Mixars Primo support.
  • Rane Twelve support.
  • Harmonic mixing made easier with Match Key button in default skin, autokey limited to 1 semitone changes and browser view making it easier to find harmonically compatible songs.
  • KeyDisplay setting added to toggle between Harmonic and Musical key display
  • Cue points always instant play on motorized jog controllers.
  • Auto-update browser when key changes.
  • Pads, mappers and filter folders included in database backup.
  • Add key selection and key matching modes to sample editor.

Virtual DJ Home 2018 Build 4756:

  • Simpler Connect window.
  • Improve video recording and broadcasting performance.
  • Improve database loading speed on Windows.
  • Improve some effects.
  • Support newest controllers on the market.
  • Fix potential crash with one specific broken sampler pack.

Virtual DJ Home 2018 Build 4720:

  • Simpler Connect window.
  • Improve video recording and broadcasting performance.
  • Improve database loading speed on Windows.
  • Improve some effects.
  • Support newest controllers on the market.
  • Fix potential crash with one specific broken sampler pack.

Virtual DJ Home 2018 Build 4592:

  • Simpler Connect window.
  • Improve video recording and broadcasting performance.
  • Improve database loading speed on Windows.
  • Improve some effects.
  • Support newest controllers on the market.
  • Fix potential crash with one specific broken sampler pack.

Virtual DJ Home 8.2.3671:

- Pulselocker plugin added for pro users.
- Add support for shell VST's (one dll containing multiple plugins).

Virtual DJ Home 8.2.3663:

- Pulselocker plugin added for pro users.
- Add support for shell VST's (one dll containing multiple plugins).

Virtual DJ Home 8.2.3573:

- Slideshow switches to new folder faster on selection.
- Video fading for slideshow.
- Effect_string action to set string value of effects that support it (slideshow allows changing path from script).
- browser_export exports playtime for history folders.
- Numark NV CBG support.
- browsed_song action to modify fields such as rating from browsed file.
- Automix smart tempo aligns to beat-grid.
- Fixed Bugs.

Virtual DJ Home 8.1 b2857.1116:

- Fixed Bugs.

Virtual DJ Home 8.0.0 b2465.1067:

- Fixed Bugs.

Virtual DJ Home 8.0.0 b2441.1060:

- Auto_crossfade and video_transition can move to a specific location.
- Prelisten start position stored in config.
- Fix crash on endless recursion in browser.
- Fix deleting custom mapper.
- Fix loop_exit jumping to bad slipmode position when no loop was set and looproll mode was on.
- Fix mac crash when loading or analyzing a file with corrupt length tag.
- Fix mac showing certain notifications twice.
- Fix Cube and Satellite transition position off.

Virtual DJ Home 8.0.0 b2438.1056:

- Fixed Bugs.

Virtual DJ Home 8.0.0 b2398.1050:

- Master VU meter reflects master_balance.
- Fake Master no longer affects master volume.
- Fix video slideshow not progressing to next videos when duration is set to full.
- when controller is defined with 1x1 sample pads, the selected sample (sampler_select) is highlighted on the skin.
- cda audio track always reloaded to ensure correct file when inserting a new cd.
- new VDJScript command 'browsed_file_rename' to rename the currently selected file in the browser.
- new VDJScript command 'browsed_file_analyze' to (re)analyze the currently selected file(s) in the browser.
- new VDJScript command 'reanalyze' to reanalyze a file loaded on a deck.
- No 3/4' option added to Loop Roll to skip the 3/4 loop roll when using the slider parameter.
- new setting quantizeLoop (VDJScript quantize_loop) adjusts loop positions to snap to a quantized grid position.
- new setting quantizeSetCue (VDJScript quantize_setcue) adjusts the setting of cue points to snap to a quantized grid position.
- setting smartCueQuantize renamed to globalQuantize.
- Fix incorrect aspect ratio on some wmv's.
- Fix potential crash in sound config window.

Virtual DJ Home 8.0.0 b2345.1017:

- Fixed Bugs.

Virtual DJ Home 8.0.0 b2325.995:

- New core catalog for ContentUnlimited Audio.
- param_1_x action added.
- browser_remove action added.
- Fix for cdg widescreen playback.
- Improved using 2 timecodes with 4 decks.
- Automix skip/mix_now length can be customized (automixSkipLength option).
- BPM editor can be closed using escape key.
- Exclude playlists from recursion in system folders.
- Some fixes to automatic deck assignment for controllers.
- Fix reset sort order also hiding virtual folders.
- Effect ini file is stored for plugin instance that was last modified.
- Fix options window at 250% dpi.
- Slideshow sorted by filename.
- Cover engine speed-up when loading from cache.
- Fix possible plugin engine crash on close.
- Rewire not re-initialized on each scan to prevent audio dropouts.

Virtual DJ Home 8.0.0 b2305.990:

- New ContentUnlimited Audio core catalog.
- New VDJRemote v8 on iOS and Android.
- Fix for wide-screen karaoke file rendering cutting off part of the side.
- Mixer order used for audio channel routing.
- Playlist_load_and_remove and playlist_load_and_keep actions use the first item from the list instead of the selected to match their description.
- SplitHeadphones master volume at 100% by default.
- Fix for hercules dj controller custom buttons not showing effects anymore.

Virtual DJ Home 8.0.0 b2265.979:

- Fixed Bugs.

Virtual DJ Home 8.0.0 b2206.966:

- Improved checking of moved files for Virtual Folders.
- Fixed bugs.

Virtual DJ Home 8.0.0 b2191.959:

- Backspin/forwardspin detection speed increased to +-50%.
- crossfader_disable action takes effect instantly.
- custom sort fields working in filter folders using group by.
- Fix 'error' displayed on deck on fresh install if samplerate is not 44100.
- browsed_file_color "reset" to clear the set color.
- get_rotation_cue added.
- mute also mutes sampler if routed through deck effects.
- fix problem with slicer buttons sometimes lighting up randomly.
- if crossfader is disabled, it doesn't affect video crossfader in auto mode anymore.
- fix midi clock output setting not saved when no custom mapping was created in some cases.
- karaoke files are never zoomed or stretched to ensure lyrics are properly readable.

Virtual DJ Home 8.0.0 b2179.954:

- playlist_add also works for adding files selected in sidelist to playlist.
- fix focus during automix not changing just by adding files.
- Fix log in window popping up twice on very first start.
- More serato crate fixes.
- Gemini controller browser support.
- Virtual Folder fix when dragging new files from explorer.
- Database copy file fix.

Virtual DJ Home 8.0.0 b2162.945:

- browsed_file_color action to get or set the color of the track selected in the browser.
- Automix list scrolls when current song is not visible in list.
- Fix seeking in some videos that can only decode from start.
- Added support for mask to skin cover.
- resize text using param_cast 'text' x.
- set action returns value so it can be used on custom slider.
- sideview_title action added.
- fix audio only visualisation being unloaded when trying to deactivate it.
- fix screen blackout when using some combination of video effects together.

Virtual DJ Home 8.0.0 b2126.904:

- Variable names case insensitive.
- Fix grid lines in 4 deck skin with left-right waves selected.
- Fix reset sort order broken in previous build.
- CU search results that arrive late are not added to current folder anymore.
- Fix midi clock out speed when pitch is not at 0%.
- Show login window again if log in partially failed.
- Sorting by cover supported.
- Fix bug with batch analyzing songs causing automix points to be placed incorrectly sometimes.
- Fix .zip karaoke files showing up twice in browser on mac when zip was added to fileFormats setting.
- Browser_scroll 'top' and browser_scroll 'bottom' actions added.
- Midi sysex digit item added for Numark controller.
- Fix deleting a sample from a samplebank in sorted list view sometimes deleting the wrong sample.
- Add some extra margin when a right-aligned column is next to a left-aligned column in browser.

Virtual DJ Home 8.0.0 b2094.899:

- Fixed Bugs.

Virtual DJ Home 8.0.0 b2073.888:

- Fixed Bugs.

Virtual DJ Home 8.0.0 b2048.868:

- Fix HID color output.
- Improve HID digit output.
- Fix beatphase detection bug.
- Fix VST plugin parameters not remembered.

Virtual DJ Home 8.0.0 b2031.853:

- Added compatibility with traktor timecode vinyls v2 ('mk2').
- Import cue points from serato tags.
- Various small improvements to the timecode engine.
- More choices in advanced option "getCuesFromTag" to allow import serato/traktor cues on existing database entries.
- Automatically compensate for badly wired needle (inverted phase) for traktor mk2 timecodes.

Virtual DJ Home 8.0.0 b2028.853:

- Automatic timecode detection and calibration on first setup.
- Native compatibility with Rane SL2 and SL3 audio interfaces.
- Performance improvements for skins with lots of nested panels.

Virtual DJ Home 8.0.0 b2003.827:

- Loops use local bpm.
- Fixed glitch at end of drop samples.
- Fixed possible crash callibrating unrecognized or mixvibes timecode.
- Fix crashing bug in Stanton's libhs1394.
- TimecodeAntiSkip can specify the sensitivity.
- Fixed timecode problems when pitch>+-20%.

Virtual DJ Home 8.0.0 b1872.700:

- Fixed Bugs.

Virtual DJ Home 8.0.1820:

- Fixed Bugs.

Virtual DJ Home 8.0.0:

- One new exclusive feature of VirtualDJ 8, is the new "sandbox" concept.
- The new sampler in v8 has shed all the limitations of the old v7 sampler.
- The sampler is now accessed through the sideView.
- When you record a new sample VirtualDJ will store the newly created sample in the "Recordings" folder.
- All the internal audio components have been rewritten.
- The internal sound engine processes everything in high-quality 32-bit audio, but the internal sampleRate can be adjusted in the options.
- The browser now has three zones: the folders, the file view, and the "side view".
- Virtual folders - Virtual/favorite/filter folders in version 8 can now be children of any other folder.
- Filter groups - The filter folders can now have a filter such as "group by genre" for example.
- The effect page is now no longer a "replacement" of the browser, but is instead a panel, same as the playlist.
- The AutoMix editor allows you to pre-edit your automix sequence.
- Track cleaner - This editor lets you easily create "edits" of your tracks.
- The video editor has 2 main uses: It can be used to edit an existing video, by adding some text effects on the parts that you usually scratch, or on relevant lyrics. Or, it can be used to add a full new video track to an existing audio-only song, using video parts from other video files. It can also be used to create a video track for a remixed version by using parts from the video track of the original version.
- Sample editor - To harness the power of the new sampler in version 8, the sample editor lets you adjust most of the options on your audio, video, or still-image samples.
- The new BPM editor let you easily and conveniently adjust the beatgrid of your songs.
- The tag editor has been much improved in version 8 compared to the one from version 7.
- Most common options are easily accessible from the option page in the config window, but if you check "show advanced" you will see the full list of all possible options.
- The new audio config panel is now an a hybrid between the "simple" and "advanced" panels from VirtualDJ 7.
- Controllers can now have multiple mappers created, and you can easily switch between one or the other.
- The default skin has on each deck a set of empty "custom buttons", and "custom knobs".
- In VirtualDJ 8, the skins are automatically stretched, without any performance hit, so there is no reason to keep making many resolutions of the same skin.
- There is a special POI, the current CUE, that is not editable from the editor. This special CUE is the position used by the STOP and CUE buttons, and will be remembered from one session to the next.
- VirtualDJ 8 has two modes for the color waveforms (accessible in the options).
- VirtualDJ 8 direct broadcasting now requires that you are logged in to our website, but rather than providing an IP address for others to connect to, it automatically generates a webpage on where your friend can listen to your broadcast.

Virtual DJ Home 7.4.1:

- Fixed Bugs.

Virtual DJ Home 7.4:

- Improved sound engine quality.
- New automatic Limiter.
- New optional Parametric Equalizer.
- Improved reactivity on controlers jogwheels.
- New multi-field search.
- Fixed bugs.