VirtualBox 6.1.36

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VirtualBox (Oracle VM VirtualBox) is a general-purpose full virtualizer for hardware. Targeted at server, desktop and embedded use, Oracle VM VirtualBox is now the only professional-quality virtualization solution that is also Open Source Software.

VirtualBox is installed on an existing host operating system; within this application, additional guest operating systems, each known as a Guest OS, can be loaded and run, each with its own virtual environment. Supported guest operating systems include versions and derivations of Windows, Linux, BSD, OS/2, Solaris, Mac OS X and others.

Features of VirtualBox:

- 64-bit guests (64-bit hosts with CPU virtualization extensions).
- NCQ support for SATA, SCSI and SAS raw disks and partitions.
- Snapshots, Seamless mode, Clipboard, Shared folders.
- Special drivers and utilities to facilitate switching between systems.
- Command line interaction (in addition to the GUI).
- Public API (Java, Python, SOAP, XPCOM) to control VM configuration and execution.
- Nested paging for AMD-V and Intel VT.
- Raw hard disk access - allows physical hard disk partitions on the host system to appear in the guest system.
- VMware Virtual Machine Disk (VMDK) format support - allows VirtualBox to exchange disk images with VMware.
- Microsoft VHD support
- 3D virtualization.
- SMP support (up to 32 virtual CPUs).

Changes in recent version

Author: Oracle Corporation
Price: Free
Windows: 8, 10

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