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VirtualDubMod is an unification of several popular user modifications of the famous video editing software VirtualDub. VirtualDubMod is finally based on the VirtualDub series, includes MPEG2 and AC3 support, MP3 and AC3 import have been extended to properly handle corrupted data and a fix for CBR MP3 files has been included, the audio menu has been restructured to support multiple audio tracks for all containers.

One of huge advantages of VirtualDubMod is ability to accomplish actions without data recompression. VirtualDubMod also allows converting MPEG-1 into 24-bit AVI. One of virtue of the VirtualDubMod application is source file -to-target file working, without project file creation needed.

Features of VirtualDubMod:

- Supports shared work on several computers in the network.
- It is able to handle big size files.
- Works with several sound tracks.
- Trimming video and audio by key frames.
- Splicing video and sound on condition of identical fragments encoding methods.
- Dividing sound and video in different files.
- Video recompression without audio recompression. Audio recompression without video recompression
- Separate video and audio tracks processing.
- Splitting and splicing AVI files.
- Changing sound delay.
- Changing videoframes per seconds quantity (video is accelerating/slowing down, sound is not changing – skewing is result).
- Converting video from between formats.

Changes in recent version

Author: VirtualDubMod Team
Price: Free
Windows: 98, 2000, XP, Vista, 7, 8

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