Vivaldi 4.2 (2406.48)

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Vivaldi is an ergonomical browser with advanced design configuration options. The program is distributed for free and offers a wide range of parameters to make web-surfing convenient and easy.

Vivaldi was developed based on the modern web technologies – JavaScript, React and Node.js. These components provide extreme flexibility of the browser and allow changing its design theme depending on your own taste.

A whole tab system is available as a part of the program. Adding pages to the quick access panel is made with the help of a couple of mouse clicks and its width is not limited by any value. The tabs themselves can be additionally grouped into folders that allow user to sort his favorite websites by the name, type or importance. Clear parameters structure allows not only changing color scheme of the browser but also adjusting position, background and content of the additional panels, define tabs closing and opening order, set font values and page elements scaling values as well as the time of night and day themes change. The default search is supported by dozen services. You can switch between them by mouse or by the hot keys.

The program’s interface resembles combination of other popular browsers. Most of the elements and fields are designed in flat style and don’t have rounding in the corners. Not the only one but one of the most interesting features of Vivaldi is its in-built capability to adapt the interface to the color of the active website.


  • Free of charge.
  • Flexible adjustment of the interface and other program components.
  • Convenient quick access panel with unlimited capability of expanding and combining tabs into groups.
  • Adaptive interface color.
  • You can see full browser’s history.
  • Capability to setup keys combinations and mouse gestures to perform almost any action.
  • Capability to quickly capture screenshots of the chosen area or entire page.
  • Capability to open PDF documents in the browser window.
  • Supports the Widevine plugin.
  • Several design themes by default.
  • Capability to setup a schedule when the browser switches to the night mode.
  • Reading mode is available.


The browser works correctly. Pages and web services open relatively fast. Judging from that, we can recommend the program for everyday use.

Changes in recent version

Author: Vivaldi Technologies AS.
Price: Free
Windows: 7, 8, 10

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