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Waterfox is a browser that was developed to use a wide range of possibilities of the 64 bit Windows OS that supports more than 5 GB of RAM. This browser was created based on the free web browser Firefox.

Fast performance is the main quality feature of Waterfox that made it loved by millions of users. The number of downloads proves this fact.

The developers constantly improve the project, try to make it more user-oriented. This browser, like other modern browsers, protects OS from hostile malware attacks and spyware. It has the ad block function and the anonymous mode. It allows using the web design tools, guarantees stable performance of the visual tabs, allows tab grouping, due to the built-in players and downloaders it is possible to run multimedia content of different websites – like in other browsers but much better and faster.

Many of the Firefox users experienced problem when a certain software fails to work correctly. Don’t be upset – Waterfox supports it in the standard mode.

Pros of Waterfox

Fast command execution and data processing are the main advantages of Waterfox. They allow to play media of any webpages.

Besides that, Waterfox blocks pop-up windows, supports multiple languages including Russian and Ukrainian, simplified interface, supports the add-ons that stopped working in Firefox.

User can save history and passwords from Firefox with the help of the Firefoxsync function. It guarantees easy change of devices and saving your data.

Cons of Waterfox

Waterfox doesn’t have serious disadvantages. If errors occur, they are quickly fixed by the developers. The only issue is that the browser uses a lot of RAM in some cases.

Installation process

  • follow the link to start downloading the software;
  • open the downloaded file;
  • run the standard commands that are shown in the installation window.
  • Set the preferred language
  • go to the menu of the browser;
  • open Option;
  • open the General tab;
  • choose the language that you want in Locale Select.

Remember that you can always import your Firefox settings to Waterfox.

Changes in recent version

Author: Waterfox project
Price: Free
Windows: 7, 8, 10

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