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Wavosaur is a free sound editor and audio editor providing all necessary sound handling tools. Wavosaur has all the features to edit audio (cut, copy, paste, etc.), analyze, record, and batch convert. Wavosaur also provides many processing options: mute, channel convert (from stereo to mono, and vice versa), insert silence, change volume, normalize level, fade in/out, invert/flip, undo.

Wavosaur supports ASIO driver, multichannel wav files, real time effect processing. Application supports VST plugins, so you can chain VST effects in a virtual rack, save and recall your chains. You can tweak the effect and listen to the processed audio in real time. There is Reverse option, Pitch shifting without changing playing speed. Tools for sound synthesis (waveform generator, frequency impulse train, and frequency sweep), spectral analysis, and statistics are available as well.

The features of Wavosaur:

- Export files as text for using in software such as Matlab, Excel or PSpice.
- Record from your soundcard input (line in, mic input). Real time resampling.
- Loads wav, mp3, aif, aiff, ogg vorbis, raw binary, au/snd.
- Importing any binary files, exporting multiple files from markers.
- Loading and saving presets for VST effects.
- Displaying several VST GUI at one time.
- 2D spectrum analysis Detailed statistics : RMS power, min & max value per channel.
- Frequency analysis: 2D spectrum & 3D spectrum, sonogram.
- Real time oscilloscope for monitoring audio input and output.
- Multi point enveloppe editing.
- Slicing/auto-slice.
- External MIDI controller.

Changes in recent version

Author: Wavosaur
Price: Free
Windows: XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10

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