WebMoney Keeper WinPro (Classic)

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WebMoney Keeper WinPro (Classic)

WebMoney Keeper WinPro (Classic) - it is a multifunctional payment tool that provides secure and immediate transactions online. To join WebMoney, you need to install a client interface on your PC, register with the WebMoney Transfer, accept its Terms of Use and receive WMID - your unique identification number, which will serve as your account number and identifier when using the System.

WebMoney incorporates an instant messaging system as well as a way to send out bills and to extend credit. It is also possible to protect a payment with a password; the payment is withdrawn from the payer's account and added to the payee's account, but cannot be redeemed unless the password is known.

Features of WebMoney WebMoney Keeper WinPro

  • With WM Keeper you can create various types of purses.
  • With WM Keeper you can transfer funds from one purse to another.
  • List of transactions, the invoices you have sent and the history of e-mail payments for your selected purse.
  • With WM Keeper you can make outgoing invoices to be paid to a specific purse.
  • Two types of invoices: those received by you from other users requesting payment (incoming invoices) and those sent by you to other members (outgoing invoices).
  • The users window contains a list of WebMoney Transfer member IDs with whom you have exchanged messages, invoices or WM.

Changes in recent version

Author: WebMoney
Price: Free
Windows: XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10

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