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WhatsApp is an official Windows client for using this popular service on PC. You can use it to have a conversation with other users of this messenger, as well as to share various files (photos, audio and video files, documents, etc.) and attach smileys. The only thing unavailable in WhatsApp for Windows is real-time voice communication.

The desktop version of WhatsApp automatically synchronizes with the server, so the whole message history will be updated as soon as possible both on your smartphone and on your PC.

Key features of WhatsApp for PC:

- Exchange of messages in private and group chats.
- Ability to send multimedia files and other types of files.
- Registration and signing in with your phone number.
- Data synchronization with a mobile version of WhatsApp.
- Multilingual interface.


In order to work with the WhatsApp PC client, you need to first install the mobile app and register in it. Then you will have to use that mobile app to bind your desktop version of WhatsApp. To do this, open the program on your PC and launch the app inside the phone. In the mobile app’s menu choose “WhatsApp Web” and scan the QR code on the screen of the Windows program.

Changes in recent version

Author: WhatsApp Inc.
Price: Free
Windows: 8, 10

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