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Windows Repair

Windows Repair is a universal software tool developed to analyze the operating system and its subsequent recovery if necessary. Unlike analogs, it features several modes of analysis with different levels of complexity.

Windows Repair helps solve most of the known Windows problems caused by malicious applications and improperly installed programs by restoring the original OS settings. The program scans the system for viruses, corrupted system files, checks the hard drive and creates a recovery point.

Key features of Windows Repair:

- Resetting authorizations in the system registry.
- Scrupulous search of errors in the registry and their quick fix.
- Solving the problems of access rights to files.
- Solving problems with Windows updates.
- Eliminating restrictions in OS caused by viruses.
- Deleting temporary files.
- Disclosing hidden non-system files.
- Solving problems with absent or bad CD/DVD.
- Correcting icon errors.
- Restoring various system components.
- Correcting proxy settings.
- Solving problems with the functioning of Internet Explorer.
- Restoring the hosts file and the DNS cache.
- Restoring updates.
- Deleting agreements to install malicious applications.
- Several modes of operation.
- Creating a recovery point.

Changes in recent version

Price: Free
Windows: XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10

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