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Wing FTP Server

Wing FTP Server‭ ‬is a‭ ‬professional FTP-Server featuring‭ ‬high‭ ‬speed,‭ ‬reliability and convenience for users.‭ ‬It has a‭ ‬friendly interface and convenient account management.‭ ‬A‭ ‬real-time monitor‭ ‬included allows you to check the load of your server,‭ ‬or even‭ ‬keep‭ ‬watch‭ ‬over‭ ‬each user connected to the server.‭

Wing FTP Server provides users with all the necessary information about the server and files‭ ‬transferred,‭ ‬and also has a‭ ‬wide set of settings and the ability to change the program's interface.‭

Wing FTP Server key features:

-‭ ‬Supports FTP,‭ ‬FTPS‭ (‬FTP by SSL‭)‬,‭ ‬HTTP,‭ ‬HTTPS and SFTP‭ ‬protocols.‭ ‬
-‭ ‬Use of the cryptographic module OpenSSL FIPS‭ ‬140-2.‭ ‬
-‭ ‬Administering‭ ‬in a‭ ‬web interface.‭ ‬
-‭ ‬Ability to use multiple servers‭ ‬with a single IP.‭ ‬
-‭ ‬IPv6‭ ‬support.‭ ‬
-‭ ‬Screen Reader‭ ‬support for‭ ‬a Web client.‭ ‬
-‭ ‬Task‭ ‬planner.‭ ‬
-‭ ‬Programmable Event Manager.‭ ‬
-‭ ‬Multiple authentication types.‭

Changes in recent version

Price: $199.00
Windows: 7, 8, 10

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