WinToFlash Lite


WinToFlash Lite 1.13.0000:

  • Dramatically improved compatibility with Windows ISO images in the Multiboot mode. Now WinToFlash creates multiboot bootable USB from any Windows Setup ISO from Vista to 10 with any number of bootable WIM images in it.
  • Improved compatibility with modified Windows Setups in the Multiboot mode.
  • Fixed autoreboot problem in Windows Vista Setup on the multiboot bootable USB.
  • Added support for combined x86+x64 Windows 10 images from MediaCreationTool in the Singleboot and Wizard mode.
  • Tested under newest Windows core 10.0.16299.
  • Logging improved for better troubleshooting.

WinToFlash Lite 1.12.0000:

- Fixed problem with incorrect FAT2 table initialization for FAT16/32 CHS and LBA volumes.
- Improved logging of drive lock/unlock, write/read/wipe requests for better troubleshooting.
- Improved drive lock/unlock and force dismount mechanism.
- Fixed BSOD STOP IO1_INITIALIZATION_FAILED 0x69 for Windows XP/2003 singleboot bootable USB.
- Fixed problems with XP Recovery Console boot from a bootable USB with GRUB4DOS bootloader.
- Fixed problem with reading from network shares like \MySRV1ISOetc.
- Interface improvements.

WinToFlash Lite 1.10.0000:

- Added an option to install fully functional copy of Windows from any WIM file to a USB drive aka Windows To Go.
- Spelling fixes in the interface.

WinToFlash Lite 1.9.0001:

- Added More Options dialog into the Bootable USB Wizard
- grub4dos binary and boot MBR and PBR code updated to the latest version 0.4.6a 2017-05-15.

WinToFlash Lite 1.9.0000:

- Added exFAT file system support.
- Added an option to set user's background for Multiboot USB menu.
- Added an option to customize screen mode from text upto 1280x1024 for Multiboot USB menu.
- Fixed problem with wrong bootloader installation on NTFS file system and usb-zip partitioning.
- Added features to fix automatically some damaged/edited license files.
- Added Ready screen into Bootable USB Creation Wizard.
- Updated multiboot items database with bunch of new records.
- grub4dos binary and boot MBR and PBR code updated to the latest version 0.4.6a 2017-05-12.

WinToFlash Lite 1.8.0000:

- Added automatic cache for downloaded ISO files for multiboot USB creation. No need to re-download an ISO every time you need one, WinToFlash will copy it from the cache instantly.
- Added an option to start Windows Recovery for Windows Setup items on a multiboot USB.
- Added protection from second WinToFlash start from the same folder and following data corruption.
- Updated multiboot items database with bunch of new records (see full List of supported multiboot items in 1.8.0000).
- grub4dos binary and boot MBR and PBR code updated to the latest version 0.4.6a 2017-05-21.
- Bootable USB Test updated to version 1.3.0000. See Bootable USB Test Change Log for more info.
- Tested with Windows 10 build 15063.
- Some internal code optimizations for better stability and speed.

WinToFlash Lite 1.7.0000:

- First Start Wizard unexpected crash fixed if application can't find gif file for license installation animation.
- New user friendly "Multiboot item add" dialog added.
- Updated multiboot items database with bunch of new records.
- Spelling fixes in the interface.
- grub4dos binary and bootup MBR/PBR code updated to the latest version.
- Wizard and Advanced transfer dialogs are now sticky to the main app window.

WinToFlash Lite 1.6.0001:

- Added support for Win7 Taskbar Effects.
- Small other interface fixes.

WinToFlash Lite 1.6.0000:

- Added big button for multiboot menu on the main application screen.
- Added full support of extra long file paths up to ~32K characters (WinNT API native file \? mode instead of 260 legacy chars limit) for file operations and application itself.
- Singleboot options and drive service options separated to 2 different tabs, "advanced mode" tab removed.
- Improved stability of the application and drive lock algorithm.
- Added "Process Steps" tab to the multiboot menu.
- Improved USB drive Wipe option - it shows a progress bar correctly.
- Improved image restore option - it can start checkdisk automatically at the end of the process.
- Improved logging - WinToFlash will now log Started from binary, Start folder, Current directory from the environment, Current roaming writedir and Current local writedir at startup.
- Improved logging - WinToFlash will now log full source file path on the file system and ISO/RAR/ZIP/DMG/etc. image.
- WContig support app updated to the latest version.

WinToFlash Lite 1.5.0000:

- Added support for text license files.
- Added converter application for license files (both convert binary to text and text to binary license file).
- Improved multiboot item add dialog.
- Improved checkdisk option.
- Fixed some problems with NTFS formatting.
- Added option to create full binary image of a USB drive.
- Added option to restore full binary image of a USB drive.
- Added full support of latest Windows 10 release.
- Other small changes to fix bugs.


WinToFlash Lite 1.4.0000:

- Added setup programs to install WinToFlash [The Bootable USB Creator] as regular Windows program automatically.
- Added button to download ISO file from WinToFlash directly in Multiboot Item Add dialog.
- Removed AntiSMS executable and changed AntiSMS profile to work with ISO bootable files from AntiSMS project directly (both WinXP and Win8 edition).
- Other small changes to fix bugs.

WinToFlash 1.3.0003:

- Improved "Add Item" dialog in Multiboot USB profile, added filters for known ISOs.
- Added direct download link and link to the download page for ISOs in the Multiboot USB profile.
- Bootable USB Test app integrated into WinToFlash.
- Bootable USB Test app updated with more option for virtual HDD.

WinToFlash 1.3.0000:

- Added new instrument - small application to test bootable USBs with virtual PC named Bootable USB Test.
- Interface improvements in the Advanced mode bootable USB Creation - added hints for file system, partition scheme, CHS policy. Design of this tabs is now more informative.
- Manual parameters for Master Boot Record and File System are now in the separate windows.
- Added new partition scheme USB-HDD/256 with BIOS and UEFI support (single partition starts from sector 256 in the first partition record of the partition table).
- Added new partition scheme USB-HDD+ with BIOS and UEFI support (single partition starts from sector 64 in the last partition record of the partition table).
- Added new partition scheme USB-HDD+/256 with BIOS and UEFI support (single partition starts from sector 256 in the last partition record of the partition table).
- Updated CHS policy to work with new HDD+ modes.
- Added new GRUB configuration files to work with new HDD+ modes.
- Added Windows 10 picture to the bootable USB profile for Windows Vista/7/8/10.


- Fixed Bugs.

WinToFlash 1.2.0003:

- Multiboot USB is now easy as 1-2-3! We added support for many popular Live CDs like: DrWEB, BitDefender Rescue CD, COMODO Rescue Disk, Panda Safe CD, AvtiVir Rescue System, FSecure Rescue CD, Android x86, Kubuntu, Acronis Backup and Security Rescue CD, Symantec PC Tools, Windows Reset Password, DSL 50MB Live BizCard CD, live linuX gamers, Niblex, Ping Disk Image Restore, SLAX LiveOS, Trinity Rescue Kit, xPUD and any other syslinux-based CDs.
- Fixed "language file error" problem on non-US Windows in Mutiboot profile.
- Fixed false Error report to logs for UEFI procedures.

WinToFlash 1.2.0000:

- Multiboot added. Now you can create a Bootable USB with UNLIMITED number of bootable items on your USB drive.

WinToFlash 1.1.0000:

- Added full Windows 10 support for bootable USBs and WinToFlash start under Windows 10 x86/x64, core 10.0.10240.
- Added UEFI auto turn-on option for Windows Vista/7/8/10 and WinPE 2.x-5.x bootable USBs, if efi files presents on the image.
- Added support for Lenovo recovery images.
- Some languages fixes.

WinToFlash 1.0.0000:

- We're out of beta.

WinToFlash 0.9.0038:

- Added storage size auto limitation if storage is > 2Tb.
- Geometry fixes in interface.
- Windows 8 image updated.
- Translation authors file moved to the documents folder.
- Feedback save to binary file added.
- Changed base address to 0x00010000.

WinToFlash 0.9.0034:

- Added support for online help system.
- Added NULLFILE.TXT into every empty folder for unzipped sharing support via torrent.
- Files reorganization inside zip.
- Fixed some memory leaks.
- Some small bugs fixed.

WinToFlash 0.9.0030:

- Fixed problem "No Drives Found" under WinPE environment like BartPE. Now WinToFlash Portable (all editions) can work under most WinPE editions and enumerate USB drives like under standard Windows installation.
- Some code optimization for speed improvements.
- WinToFlash [The bootable USB Creator] now log add USB drives found parameters into the log file.

WinToFlash 0.9.0025:

- New Windows-native USB drives search subsystem, WMI support for this operation removed.
- Improved drive lock algorithm.
- Fixed problem when WinToFlash lists a USB drive twice.
- Memory leaks fixed.
- Interface improvements.
- Crash fixed when no drive letter found for a USB drive.

WinToFlash 0.9.0010:

- GUI improvement: show WinToFlash edition in the application header.
- Memory leaks fixed.

WinToFlash 0.9.0004:

- Fixed Bugs.

WinToFlash 0.9.0000:

- Added NTFS support.
- Added USB-FDD mode support.
- GRUB updated to the latest version.
- Fixed "Can't lock the drive" error under Windows XP/2003.
- Interface improvements.

WinToFlash 0.8.0122:

- USB storage size limitation added. Now you can limit your 16Gb bootable USB drive to 1Gb or other size if you need so for compatibility with your bootable image.
- Interface improvements.
- Fixed bootable USB profiles naming procedure, all illegal characters like *,? in file name will be auto-fixed.

WinToFlash 0.8.0117:

- Fixed Bugs.

WinToFlash 0.8.0111:

- "The list is empty" problem fixed if no USB drives inserted when pressing Run button or saving Bootable USB Profile.
- Now WinToFlash updates license type in main form header after license file installation in the first start wizard.
- Some errors fixed with huge USB drives.

WinToFlash 0.8.0103:

- WinToFlash will warn you if file is too big for current file system on your Bootable USB drive.
- Print names of files found on the screen for "Collecting Parameters" step.

WinToFlash 0.8.0100:

- Added Hiren's Boot Live USB creation support.
- FAT32 CHS file system format will use CHS for partition end sector address, so it can't be more than 8 Gb now and it's 100% compatible with CHS addressing with big USB drives >8Gb.
- Added caching for operations with image files like ISO and all archives like RAR/ZIP/7ZIP/CAB, WinToFlash will create bootable USB from ISO/RAR/etc. faster.
- CHS Policy added. You can control how WinToFlash will format your bootable USB drive - use Standard CHS calculation or write max values to force BIOS to use LBA calls or write zeroes to do the same with some motherboards.

WinToFlash 0.8.0096:

- Fixed problem with freezes when reformatting USB drive from NTFS to FAT16/FAT32.
- Fixed "Format Unknown Error" problem when formatting USB drive under Windows Vista, 7 and 8.
- Cancel button added to "Can't lock the drive" dialog.
- More informative new interface in Wizard and Advanced mode.
- Fixed some "Disk error" messages for FAT32 file system on a boot time.
- New page with source selection to Wizard added.
- WinToFlash can now read ISO images and all archives directly when creating bootable USB, it won't unpack it first to the %temp% folder.
- Speed up in files copying process.
- WinToFlash won't validate EULA.txt file for Windows XP bootable USB any more.
- Fixed boot problem with XP Recovery Console Live USB with GRUB bootloader.
- Speed up in Storage Erase mode.

WinToFlash 0.8.0059:

- Translation authors file updated.
- Added "Print EULA" label in the About dialog.
- Some spelling problems fixed.
- Update system bug fixed.

WinToFlash 0.8.0055:

- Added Windows 10 Beta support.
- Added .esd files support for Windows Vista+.
- Added Arabic language.
- Spell fixes for English language.
- Speed improvements.
- Many crashes and bugs fixed.
- Network protocols (update check, feedback, etc.) bugs and freezes fixed.

WinToFlash 0.8.0009:

- Added Windows 8.1 support.
- Added option "Copy all files and folders from original CD" for Windows XP/2003.
- Language bugs fixes.

WinToFlash 0.8.0000:

- Added ISO, RAR, ARJ, ZIP, 7z, CAB, DMG support.
- Added enumeration of USB drives as a dropdown list.
- Added option to enumerate HDDs too.
- AntiSMS updated to version 4.1.
- Help file updated.
- General fixes and speed improvements.
- Language bugs fixes.

WinToFlash 0.7.0054:

- Tested and added Windows 8 RTM (6.2.9200) support.
- Removed products.ini file check from Transfer Wizard for Windows Vista/2008/7/8.