XYplorer Free


XYplorer Free 19.50.0100:

  • Fixed Bugs.

XYplorer Free 19.40.0100:

  • Fixed Bugs.

XYplorer Free 19.40.0000:

  • Fixed Bugs.

XYplorer Free 19.10.0000:

  • Fixed Bugs.

XYplorer Free 19.00.0100:

  • Fixed Bugs.

XYplorer Free 18.80.0000:

  • Fixed Bugs.

XYplorer Free 18.30.0000:

- Fixed Bugs.

XYplorer Free 18.20.0300:

- Fixed Bugs.

XYplorer Free 17.90.0400:

- Fixed Bugs.

XYplorer Free 17.90.0100:

- Fixed Bugs.

XYplorer Free 17.60.0100:

- Fixed Bugs.

XYplorer Free 17.50.0200:

- Fixed Bugs.

XYplorer Free 17.40.0200:

- Fixed Bugs.

XYplorer Free 17.40.0000:

- Fixed Bugs.

XYplorer Free 16.60.0100:

- Fixed Bugs.

XYplorer Free 16.40.0000:

- Preview Pane. It’s finally there: A vertical preview pane.

XYplorer Free 16.10.0200:

- Fixed Bugs.

XYplorer Free 16.10.0000:

- Preview. Completely revised the preview engine. Now you can preview Office, Audio, and Video files using the available preview handlers. A huge improvement over previous versions, notably for Office files and document formats like RTF, PDF, and XPS.
- Floating Preview and Full Screen Preview. Now it supports previewing Office, PDF, Audio and Video, Font, and Icon files. And, of course, you still can view your photos with it.
- Batch Move. This feature allows you to automatically distribute a large number of files by certain criteria to automatically created folders, in one go. A neat freak's dream.
- Multilingual Support. Added support for Finnish.

XYplorer Free 16.00.0000:

- Fixed Bugs.

XYplorer Free 15.80.0200:

- Fixed Bugs.

XYplorer Free 15.80.0100:

- Fixed Bugs.

XYplorer Free 15.70.0100:

- Fixed Bugs.

XYplorer Free 15.70.0000:

- Flatten Folder: Now you can flatten a multi-level folder structure via the folder’s right-click menu. Simply click "Flatten Folder". It’s easy, quick, and safe. And you can even reverse it by clicking Undo.
- Drag and Drop: Now you can change the default drag and drop behavior (which is Move on same drive, Copy on different drive), and e.g. always Move or always Copy. Might save you a headache.

XYplorer Free 15.60.0000:

- Floating Preview. Now you can navigate your photos by left mouse click.
- Lock Zoom Position. Optionally keep the zoom position when switching images in the preview. Useful when comparing details of different versions of the same image.

XYplorer Free 15.40.0000:

- Copy File Size. Quickly copy a file's size in various formats.
- Age Display Limit. Now you can show the age for today's files, the absolute date for all other files.

XYplorer Free 15.30.0000:

- Show Cached Thumbnails Only: Now you can browse your system in thumbnails view without any delays caused by new thumbnails being created.
- Paste and Find: Quickly jump to a file pasting its name directly into the file list.
- Age Display Limit: Now you can define when to show the age or the absolute date of files. You will love it when you see it.
- Zoom By Wheel: Zooming fonts by mouse wheel now is optional. Turning it off is better when running XY on tablets.
- Custom Toolbar Buttons: Now PNG, JPG, GIF, BMP, and TIF images can be used for the button graphics. (Pro Edition Only)
- Hungarian: Added support for Hungarian (Magyar).

XYplorer Free 15.20.0200:

- No data.

XYplorer Free 15.20.0100:

- Fixed Bugs.

XYplorer Free 15.20.0000:

- Auto-Select First Item: Now you can have the first list item auto-selected when entering a new folder. Some cannot live without this.
- Link View: Quickly check what a shortcut points to before you open it.
- Network Speed: Enjoy speed improvements and smoother handling of unavailable network locations.

XYplorer Free 15.10.0000:

- Find Files Without Extension. Simply search for *. (asterisk-dot).
- A new toolbar button provides a handy way to run the last search on and off in various locations.
- Now you can have the address bar's dropdown button on the left. Might reduce your mouse mileage.
- Major load speed increase compared to 15.00 and before.

XYplorer Free 15.00.0500:

- Image Preview Quality: Further improved the quality of image previews and thumbnails. The difference is subtle but notable.
- Thumbnails: Now you can choose among three different qualities: Fast, Crisp, and Smooth. Smooth is new, and it's the best quality you can get.
- White Border Preview: Lets you view your photos with a nice white borde.

XYplorer Free 15.00.0400:

- Selected Items to Top. Quickly show all selected items at the top of the list. A welcome usability boost.
- Flat Select. Renamed the feature to Quick Select.
- Speed. Major load speed increase.
- Minor bug fixes and enhancements.

XYplorer Free 15.00.0200:

- Fixed Bugs.

XYplorer Free 14.80.0200:

- Fixed Bugs.

XYplorer Free 14.80.0100:

- Fixed Bugs.

XYplorer Free 14.80.0000:

- Find Empty Items: Now you can quickly list all empty files and folders.
- Find Containing Folders: Now you can list all folders containing a certain file or file type, files of a certain size or age, or with certain other properties. You can as well list all folders NOT containing such files.
- Enhanced Photo Data: Showing Photo Data is now much faster than before. And the data layout has been improved.
- Photo Data Columns: The basic photo properties Camera Model, Focal Length, F-Stop, Exposure Time, ISO Speed, and Date Taken can now be shown in file list columns, so you can quickly view them and sort by them.

XYplorer Free 14.70.0000:

- Duplicate File Finder: Now you can compare directory trees and easily check supposedly mirrored folder structures on two different drives.
- Contents to Clipboard: Now you can copy the textual contents of files to the clipboard with a single command.
- Enhanced Tiles Views: Now the photo data shown for JPEG and RAW formats include the Exif Date, i.e. the exact date/time when each photo was taken.

XYplorer Free 14.60.0200:

- Enhanced Tiles Views.

XYplorer Free 14.60.0100:

- Fixed Bugs.

XYplorer Free 14.50.0300:

- Fixed Bugs.

XYplorer Free 14.50.0200:

- Mouse Down Blow Up on Icons.
- Mouse Down Blow Up Text.
- Mouse Down Blow Up Hex View.
- Colored Tabs.

XYplorer Free 13.70:

- Sync Browse. Magically browse both panes in parallel motion.
- Shell Integration. Now you can show the 64-bit shell context menu instead of the 32-bit shell context menu. 

XYplorer Free 13.60:

- The XYplorer Free Edition is back! After a break of 7 years there is a freeware version of XYplorer again.
- Named Drives. Now you can specify paths using their name (Volume Label) instead of the drive letter.
- Navigation Buttons. Now the Breadcrumb Bars feature optional Navigation Buttons.
- Find By Hash. Now you can find files by their hash value (MD5, SHA1, SHA256, SHA512, CRC32).