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yWriter is a unique writing assistant for Windows PCs. Designed to simplify the writing of a book, script, or just a story. The application has a compact size, has a simple intuitive interface and is distributed absolutely free.

The program allows you to organize and optimize the process of organizing your written projects. yWriter allows you to store various notes about characters, places, objects and scenes in the book. For this, special sections have been made in the program interface, so they will always be at your fingertips.

Another important advantage of the utility is counting the number of words written not only in the entire book, but also in individual chapters or scenes. The app will be an indispensable tool for aspiring writers looking for a free and efficient way to organize their projects.

YWriter features and benefits

  • Possibility of fast orientation in the text.
  • Presence of a database of characters, locations and objects (with support for images).
  • The ability to change the order of scenes and chapters.
  • Autosave all text options.
  • The ability to return to the previous version of the text.
  • Built-in word counter.
  • It is distributed free of charge.
  • Does not contain ads.
  • Convenient minimalistic interface.

Changes in recent version

Author: Simon Haynes
Price: Free
Windows: 7, 8, 10

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