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ZenMate is a VPN client which provides secure protection for your computer and user activity in the network. The program differs from its analogues with simple and user-friendly interface understandable even to users who have never used a VPN-proxy.

ZenMate encrypts connections through user's own proxy servers, protects user's personal information from foreign persons when the user is at home, agate, or uses public Wi-Fi. In addition, the program hides the user's IP-address allowing to visit websites in an unlimited number and easy to bypass geographic blocking of Web resources of any country.

Key features of ZenMate:

- Easy installation and start directly from the taskbar.
- Protection of your PC and connections in a single click.
- Automatic activation when connecting to the Internet.
- Using the high-speed secure servers network worldwide.
- Lightning-fast traffic encryption allowing completely to exclude a possibility of Internet spying.
- Ensuring full protection of user's searches and personal data.
- Possibility to hide real IP and to select a geolocation from the list offered by the developer.
- Bypassing of geographical constraints specific to certain foreign social networks and other Internet resources access to which is partially closed by their owners or the state.
- Schematic representation of real time traffic.
- Protection of Wi-Fi connections.

Changes in recent version

Author: ZenGuard
Price: Free
Windows: XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10

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