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ZS4 Video Editor

ZS4 Video Editor is a free video editor for quick and easy editing of files in common formats. You can use this video editor to cut and composite your video, as well as add any audio track or various images to it.

ZS4 Video Editor comprises around 150 built-in video effects, color schemes etc. You can set the size and quality of the output file. ZS4 Video Editor works with avi, wmv, wav, jpg, png, bmp and other formats. It is also possible to manage the speed and direction of the audio/video playback.

Key features of ZS4 Video Editor:

- Support for simultaneous editing of several video files.
- Ability to add an unlimited number of video/audio clips and images to the edited video.
- Ability to add up to 16 audio channels per track.
- Loads of built-in effects.
- Ability to choose the output quality.
- Support for avi, wmv, wav, jpg, png, bmp and other formats.
- Ability to color grade your video.

Changes in recent version

Author: t@b
Price: Free
Windows: XP, Vista

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